I can stand on my head

He literally made me stand on my head. Something I thought I wouldn’t master in a long time from now. I’ve practiced. A lot, almost daily. Because I really want to stand on my head like some people who go to my yoga class do. For me, this is like the ultimate yoga asana that I yet have to master. In fact, I’m also getting better in some other asanas as well. I can easily reach my toes and I’m almost able to support my whole body weight just on my hands. Actullay, I succeeded in it just Friday morning. Progress. My whole life is progressing. And I do like the direction it has taken. Natural food, faster and more flexible me. Healthy lifestyle. Although, I’ve been looking that way for a long time now. And it’s good to know that there are people doing the same thing. Many people from our running group are experimenting with natural food – self-made, organic, no additives – and it has become quite a trend among us. A good one, I would say. He’s on the boat as well. We can talk about food and cooking because we both cook. In our separate homes, but still. Mmm, so interesting. And we do love sprouts.

Tomorrow, I’ll practice standing on my head. Again. 


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