Daily Archives: detsember 18, 2012

It’s too late because TV has gone stupid

Sometimes I work late and watch TV at the same time. It’s not the best thing to increase productivity, but sometimes it does help to work. Tomorrow I’ll be working in a cafe with no TV. Usually when shows like My Crazy Obsession or Toddlers&Tiaras start, it is already too late. Or Hot in Cleveland. Yuck. It means it’s time to go to bed because these are just too stupid. Right now I’m watching Virgin Diaries. Middle-aged people who are still virgins. Those questions people ask. Those things they tell other people. I’m like … what the hell?

Woman on a first date with a man starts to talk about her marriage plans and that she’s still virgin. And then she asks what are his long term plans, like when does he want to have children, etc. OK, she’s waiting for her Mr. Right, but does she really have to attack the guy on the first date? Come on.

Or, a man on a date tells a woman he’s still virgin. The woman then asks if he “takes care of himself” and “has a subscription”. Is this really the subject for the dinner table? Before the dinner he mentioned that he had taken up running because then he could endure sex. Sex is a sport after all, you need endurance. And he also said that running increased his sex appeal. So, that’s why people run.

Wow. And two people getting married and kissing for the first time in their wedding. They cannot stop. Just eating each other. What a world!