I’m starting to get the feeling that not being in a relationship is as hard as being in a relationship. The problems are different, but somehow also the same. I need to be loved. Therefore, I’m looking for love and generally it’s people who give it. Yet, I seem to fall fore wrong people or at the wrong time. And the wrong people fall fore me. At least they seem wrong to me because I don’t see them the same way. Plunging into a relationship just to try it out wouldn’t be fair for them if at one point I decided I wanted out. On the other hand, I myself would take the risk if someone I really liked asked me, promising nothing, but just an attempt. Yes, I’m that hungry for love.

I guess it needs lots of luck to find a person at the right time and in the right place. So hard to synchronise two people. And if it happens, it’s a miracle. Still waiting for this.


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