Feeling Good in my Asics

Sometimes, it’s just great to discover that I’m doing something right, even very right. I bought my first Asics about two years ago. In a month, I ran a distance that previously would have made my knees hurt seriously. It was our traditional mini-triathlon where I cycled about 28 km and ran 29 km. My pink Asics, that time the model GT-2160W, made me feel like I was running on air. So comfortable! I recovered from this run quite quickly. About a year later, I read that these running shoes, more specifically, this model I was wearing was selected the best running shoe of the year. They were indeed good, but of course they got old after a while and didn’t offer enough support anymore. Now I have a similar model, the GEL-1170W. I haven’t run a long distance in them yet because I just got them, but I’m sure they’ll be great.

I’m writing an article, or a buying guide as they call it, for eBay and this one is about designer trainers. During my research I stumbled upon this article that compares different running shoes. The promises about what each shoe should do are compared with expert opinions. Asics scores the highest, once 10/10 and the other time 8/10. I feel proud of them, they really make good running shoes. Will be wearing them again and again.

Update: found an article that actually talks the running shoes that I have now. ‘Great for long training runs and marathons.’ What else could I ask for?


Old and new, Nurr seems to like them both.


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