Love Rant

Is it lot to ask that there is one person, just one, who thinks that I’m the best and loves me for who I am? In the world today, it seems that people are having a hard time committing and staying together with just one. Time for polygamous relationships? Is monogamy just a myth, history? And seems like it’s hard to find a man who’d come begging on his knees, with only one woman in his mind. People tend to look around with their eyes and hearts open, open for new because the old wears out too soon. What’s wrong with the world? It’s no longer possible to be ‘the one’, the one who’s desired.


2 responses to “Love Rant

  1. Ja nagu ma oma viimases postituses kirjutasin, siis isegi abiellunud inimesed mõtlevad sellele, et tõenäoliselt happily ever afterit olemas ei ole ja elavadki selle mõttega oma idüllilises suhtes.

  2. Ma ikka mõtlen, et kuskil kellelgi ikka on, aga see on vist pigem haruldane.

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