Keep calm and cycle on

Today I went out to seek for some inspiration by the sea. The book doesn’t write itself. So, I set out with my bike because the place I currently live in, only has a river. As my morning walk proved, river is not enough of water for me. I was born in a sea town Haapsalu and this is what my sould desires. Somehow I decided to opt for some city feel and headed towards Tallinn. In fact, the closest sea would have been something like 12 km away from here but I wasn’t quite sure whether I desired the sandy beach. Probably not because I chose the tamed version with benches and stuff. 21 km later I had already visited the shopping centre and bought some mineral water and a rye croissant (thanks to whoever who invented the whole grain croissant range). Essentuky, is the water called. After the running camp, I’ve started to test the waters to find the best one. Essentuky does have lots of minerals but has quite a specific taste too. But it’s good for me, right?

I sat down on the grass quite close to the sea and ate. An hour among cars on the highway had wore me out and so I lay down. My laptop stayed in the backpack. After a while I gathered myself together and decided to catch a train home. Writing wasn’t going to work. Not there. Not then. I felt too much out of place. This wasn’t the sea I needed after all. On my ride from Rocca al Mare to Nõmme (where the trains depart), I thought about river and sea as a metaphor for love. A river’s not enough for me, I need a whole wide sea. But then again, river is flowing, dynamic,except in its mouth where it slows down, just like love that has grown lukewarm. Sea is bigger but also changing. Storms, waves. But no ending point. Rivers always end somewhere and become part of something else. Something bigger.

Nõmme. A train left 10 minutes ago. Next one in about an hour. Sounds like enough time to cycle to Laagri, a bit closer to home. Nowadays, with the construction work (because new trains coming in 2013 need new infrastructure), the train takes ages. I guess I cycle faster than the train rides. At least in the city limits. I set out.

Laagri. Super tired. The platform looks awkward. There’s still 45 minutes or even more time left. Urda, the next stop, isn’t far away and sounds like a nice place to chill while waiting. At a turning point I decided to go right instead of left in order to explore Laagri a bit. Don’t go there every day after all and there was more than enough time. During my exploration I saw a sign “Saunapunkt 2.5 km”. This is where I went for the Tough Guy Run. The next stop, Padula, is right there. Not far. Let’s go.

Near Padula. “Saue 3.7 km”. Why not? In Saue, I stopped. Still half an hour left. I would have gone all the way to Keila but the cycling path had ended. I was in no mood for cars or trucks and there are plenty of both on that highway. The good cycling path had been my companion for already many kilometres. Splendid.

And there, in the most unexpected place, I sat down on the platform, took out my computer and wrote 300 words. Compared to my usual daily contribution, which is zero, this was a huge step forward. Looks like it’s going to be better onwards because I’ve managed to deal with the hard parts and the story should flow for a while at least. Maybe places like bus stations, airports, shopping centres, and train stations are the best places for me to write. At home I”m much too distracted somehow.

Went home and slept from 6 pm to 9 pm. Woke up and started working. Will try writing again tomorrow.

The trip in numbers + route. At Endomondo.

P.S. Received my marks by post yesterday. Passed all the courses with grade B!


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