Reading Vonnegut’s Timequake

Here I am trying to make my way back into the writing world. Today I even managed to force out a couple of hundred words. Funny, writing shouldn’t be like this, it should come naturally. But there’s a deadline in October and I’d like to get my MA done. My marked worked also arrived today. Did pretty well, I’m pleased! So, now I’m in the bed alone and typing this on my phone. Good writers are good readers and I’m diving into the writing world with my old favourite Vonnegut.

The Timequake is a very special book. Strangely enough, I’ ve started it again and again, going back all the time. Somehow there are gaps in my reading. Suits the book actually because its plot is basically as follows:  a timequake takes people back ten years and forces them to relive all the same things in the same way they did back then. Deja vu nightmare, some may say. Or time to take a break from life and think hard about it. Stepping out of oneself. Or maybe not because their thoughts are probably the same as they used to be.

Some snippets from the book.

A good reason not to be a racist (in this case, not to  hate Chinese): …wicked to hate that many people all at once (9).

More coming soon as I continue reading.


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