Trip around the world – only 110 km a day!

Recently I’ve been tracking most of my workouts (even walks) with Endomondo. This app is in my mobile phone and when my phone finally finds the satellites (usually takes 5 minutes or so), then it follows my route on the map via the GPS. Later, I can check my speed, my route, my time, total distance. The statistics are really motivating actually! According to Endomondo, I’ve covered almost 500 km this year, most of the km coming from running. I I’d cycle or skate regularly, the number would be much higher. It would also be high if I had tracked all the massive walking I’ve done. I like to walk, and, if possible, go everywhere on foot. Will be tracking this data from now on. Since I started using Endomondo, I’ve done 147 workouts. I got the smartphone year ago in June, so it must have been a year. Sometimes I track two or three workouts a day. For example, if I do my 6 or 9 km (depends on the feeling) so-called warm-up run that includes four high intensity exercises, then this counts as one. Usually this is followed with a strength training session, ca. 45 minutes. Different type of sport, separate workout. When doing the strength exercises, I cannot track my route anyway because I don’t move much, although I do use my muscles. OK. One year and 147 workouts. Would be more if I had tracked all my weights sessions in the gym. Then I didn’t know that I could do this with Endomondo. I was only recording my runs. More than 1,200 kilometres. Total duration over five days. Burgers burned: 141. Hehe. 

But today I wanted to write about my trips to the Moon and my laps around the world. Trips to the Moon: 0.003. Definitely not there yet. Laps around the world: 0.03. Needs some more work! Then I thought if it would be possible to  run/cycle/walk around the world in one year. Did some calculations. The circumference of earth at the equator is 40,075 km. We have 365 days in a year. This means almost 110 km per day! Damn. I hoped it would be more reachable. 110 a day. I would have to take up cycling. Seriously. Maybe two years then? 55 km a day? Hmm. Could be hard. Especially with the winter coming when I spend tons of time in the gym where I don’t track any kilometres. How fast could I ski? As I’m moving to Tartu soon and there’s this annual big skiing marathon in February, it’s a must to participate. I’ll be skiing. Probably. That’s what runners do during winter. If I was an ultramarathon runner who took up races reaching up to 250 km and treated simple marathon (42 km) as a training session, then this goal would be more realistic. Huh. But I still like the idea!


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