Vaikus. Stille. Silence.

There’s a reason to the silence in this blog. There always is. The part of my brain that was formerly used for coining new blog posts, is now pretty much occupied with creative writing studies. Essay. Short stories. And, yes, my novel. The dwindling huge pile of papers filled with written feedback and the numerous Word files on my computer. And of course, the random notes on every kind of paper that I can find: receipts, notebooks, even my hand. It is developing somehow and I’ve learned a great deal since I started. Hopefully, all gets going more smoothly once I get my life adjusted. A new era is beginning soon and another is ending. Next week I’ll say goodbye to England and return to Estonia. The tickets have been bought. In fact, I’m quite tired of being in Bristol and England. I want to go back home where everything is easy and there are always friends around. Although it won’t be that easy. Starting anew. This means a new home too. And there are also some other matters to be taken care of as, since April, I’m the proud/sad (co)owner of some real estate, forests, shares and what not. Turning a new leaf soon and actually looking forward to it.

I’ve been working too. Full-time, pretty much. Translating safety data sheets, editing website content, writing product descriptions (oh, I know everything about lenses now). There will be more. Only right now I have a short breathing time waiting for the clients to send some new work. But it couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Must finish my essays and assignments for uni anyway.

Some day I’ll write a longer post about the way I use Sims for developing the characters and settings for a novel. Now, time for some editing!


One response to “Vaikus. Stille. Silence.

  1. Lõpp on eriti hea! Kõlab põnevalt (ja seletab samuti asjaolu, kuhu su aeg kaob)!

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