My contribution to science

Yesterday, January 20, I did something for the name of science. And also learned something about myself on the way as well. Simply said, I drank coffee. For a study. Sometimes there are invitations to studies rotating in the student mailing list. I’ve done that before when I got a free meal participating in  study that measured the impact of environment on appetite.

This time, it was caffeine and its influence on reaction time, heart rate, blood pressure, and mood. We measured our heart rate and blood pressure before and after caffeine intake and then every 20 minutes until 1 hour had passed from the drink consumption. There was this reaction time test when you have to wear headphones and quickly press a button each time you hear a click as well.

So, the coffee was awful. Just black, no milk, no sugar. But it was still interesting to see what happened to me. Right after the cup of coffee, my heart rate and blood pressure had gone up but already 20 minutes later they were climbing down steadily. My reaction time did improve after caffeine intake and was rather good for 1 hour at least. I hadn’t eaten anything, so maybe that’s why the caffeine was absorbed quickly. Anyhow, I did felt an alertness boost too. Or maybe my body was just slowly waking up. It was the morning after all.

I do like to find out about my body, especially if it involves food!


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