The State of Affairs

End of term drawing close. Time for assessments, submissions, nervous breakdowns. I’m almost finished with my pieces. Could be better but I cannot make any more effort. Too sick and tired of my own writing. Sometimes. On the other note, I have started to love creating characters in The Sims 3 game. I can decide what clothes they wear, how they look like, what their aspirations are. And I’m building sets of my novel! Just like movie sets. I can have various places on one lot. Really helpful. I can finally picture how they look like and where they live and what kind of wallpaper they prefer. These little details play a major role in a book. They edge the character closer to being real, genuine, not just a paper cut-out.

Set for my novel

I’ve been working too. I’m now a translator. At least for some time. The joys and woes of a freelancer. But will keep going as long as I’m hired to dig through chemical and medicine terms. Refreshes my brain.

Today I visited the Newton St Loe village church with Emily. Just wanted to see how it’s like. Penny had recommended it too and a week ago my feet had dragged me there deliberately while I was running. So, we just had to make that visit. Although I’m not religious. I still believe in the big bang, not god. However, it was a nice experience. Got the feel of community. Everyone seemed so delighted to see us and make our acquaintance. Lovely. Today was Christingle service, so I suddenly found myself singing unknown songs and following a procession through the church with a funny-looking orange in my hand. The orange presents the world, the red band around it Jesus’s blood, the sticks are the four seasons, the fruit and nuts – well, fruit of the world; and the candle is Jesus, the light of the world. I still have that orange.

Newton St Loe church

And I also have a new blog for food stuff, located here. Love the layout in Hubpages. I’ll be adding my own recipes there. Mostly they will be classic stuff with my own additions, my twist. This means healthy and protein-packed versions. Yum!


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