Christmas Market in Bath

Grown-ups giggling childishly on colourful plastic horses. Merry-go-round. Jolly music.

Crowds. Stumbling. Snail-pace. Pressing through. Stop and taste. Stop again.

Presents? Woolen socks, slippers, jewelry, usual market-place stuff. No, thanks. I prefer cheaper places.

Cheese, chilli, roasted onion. Invigorating taste-buds. Chutney, garlic, more chilli. “Spicy”, the main keyword. Chutney, chutney, chutney. Mango, lime, accompanying your Indian cuisines. Jam. Lemon, passionfruit, lime curd. Experiments with taste. Wooden sticks transferring the  products to mouth. Feel, swallow, move on. More to see. Expensive, don’t buy. Look around. Bath Abbey offering guided tours. Tourists, tourists. Family outings. Saturday, after all. German-like atmosphere. Bratwurst, Glühwein. No, thanks, going home. If I fit on the bus.


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