Short, this time

My brain is overloaded with my own creations. Writing is a painful process. Especially the editing part. After having written down a brilliant story in the heat of inspiration flow, it is hard to return to that story again and discover it’s not so brilliant after all and needs editing here and there. Still, it is possible to start loving the piece again, get into it again. But there’s some pain as well. I have been writing and editing. There are some stories I cannot face yet.

So, my book list will be short. Summaries, thoughts. For myself. So I would remember reading these books.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
There’s a mad woman in the attic. A devil. One that can give you nightmares. Jane loves the monster, the alpha male. Jane is a moral being, not going to be a mistress. The book is sexy, they are so excited all the time. There’s some kissing. Quest of love. Patience. Self-denial.

Our Dancing Days by Lucy English
At first  hard to get into but once in it, I was totally in. The story had put a spell on me, I wanted to know, to read. Hippies. A distant commune. Dope and growing vegetables. Ideals and dreams. Misfortunes. Sad deaths. People unable to express their feelings, to live.

Lolita by Vladimir Nabukov
We are tricked by the author. Pedophile hiding behind poetic language. His twisted mind that he tries to demonstrate through flowers, painting it prettier than it really is. The want to be elaborate. Lolita. The child, the sexual being, the pregnant woman. A puppet that escapes from its master. Not an easy read, full of allusions and metaphors. Still magical.


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