Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

A subtle love story in which the ultimate goal is marriage. Happily ever after is reached after hundreds and pages of obstacles. The curious thing is that in the first half of the book love is only one-sided. Only Darcy deems Elizabeth to be the one right for him, not vice versa. Elizabeth rather despises him, believing the lies of Wickham and drowning in her own prejudices. And Darcy is proud. He is not like other men: dancing and joking and being amiable. He is the serious type. But he too goes under a transformation, becoming more like the man society appreciates. Rich he was already.

Besides the protagonists there are other comic and entertaining personages. The Bennet family for instance. They add a lot of comedy to the book. Especially when it comes to Mrs. Bennet, a mother eager to marry off her daughters to rich men in order to save the family from poverty. And don’t forget Mr. Collins and his long speeches glorifying his own personality and the greatness of Lady Catherine (who I also find annoying as hell).

Why is the story likeable? The society portrayed in the book is nothing like we have today. Marrying is no longer the deepest desire. Still, it features someone like a modern woman. Elizabeth. Scandalously she rejects two marriage proposals. Any woman in her position would consider it stupid. But she is not willing to marry for money. She yearns for love. And finally she achieves it too. Therefore, her conduct must have been right. I also find that the subtle feelings are beautiful. The lovers usually don’t even touch much. I’d love them to do so. I want them to get together. And after hundreds of pages they do. Bittersweet pleasure. Finally. After all this suffering. I like to make my characters suffer as well and enjoy reading about such things. As long as they finally find their bliss.

P.S. The witty dialogues cannot be overlooked either.


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