This is the truth

Text from the package of a nuts and fruit bar:

Those of you that enjoy reading stuff on the backs of ‘certain packs’, may be a little disappointed when we tell you that this bar probably won’t change your life, and it certainly won’t prolong it. Sadly, there’s not even evidence to suggest it’ll make you more attractive. No, it’s just a bar of nuts and fruit. Mind you, when it comes to taste …

Humourous. Enjoyable. Makes me buy the bar again because the taste really was quite nice.

I also started to think about all these cereal boxes that promise you wonderful life in a slimmer body. They are lying. Indeed. Why do people even think that cereal can make you slim? Usually it’s just a boxful of carbs and if you eat too much of these, you’ll become obese. Extra carbs are stored as fat. And, sad but true, most of the cereals actually contain loads of sugar. Not a good idea, unless you want your blood sugar levels jump up and down all the time. Yes, cereal is better than cookies, candies, or eating nothing. But I still believe more in the power of protein. Eggs, curd, cottage cheese, chicken etc. Protein fills the stomach for a longer period, for digesting it is more time-consuming. Also, more energy is used in order to process protein. Most of us consume too less protein anyway. Try out some of the calorie calculators that also tell you how much carbs, fat, protein, and vitamins you consumed in a day and you might be surprised. I was. I was once eating too less protein. No wonder I wasn’t building solid muscle mass. It’s better now. I hunt protein in grocery stores. It’s difficult over here. I haven’t yet found my beloved cottage cheese. And no sign of protein bars either. Must go to a sports store, I guess.


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