First in England

First. Quite a many activities had their first time today. First visit to the student union gym full of guys, me being the only girl brave enough to not to fear the excessive growth of muscles which scares most of the females away from strength training, although it is not at all easy for women to grow muscle due to the lack of testosterone. First, the bus company that drives me to my far-away campus at Corsham Court. First workshop about love stories, in which we discussed the traditional storylines occurring in love stories; the variety is wide: from arranged marriages and Cinderellas to love triangles and demon lovers (well, think of Twilight, for instance!). First love – the topic of our exercise in the class – made me think about my long-forgotten childish celebrity crush for Michael Jackson and about my former classmates and older guys from my school whom I fell in love with occasionally. First. First love. I am not sure when “love” really became love. When it was more than merely a fling or a crush or an attraction. When did I first experience real love? To be honest, I lack the answer to this query. All I am aware of is that I do have love now. Not beside me at the moment, but there, at home, waiting and longing for me.

Below is a video of Lucy English, our today’s lecturer. She is great!


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