The Powerbook by Jeanette Winterson

Read it in just one day. Therefore, might be considered a book that reads fast. Enjoyable? Sometimes yes. Indeed. Confusing? Yes. Many stories inside one story and the borderline between the imaginary and the real blurred. Taking place in cyberspace, Paris, Capri, London. Different times, different places, yet the characters seem to be the same. Somehow. One meets their own alter ego from a different era.

The story is about writing stories actually. Ali, a writer, promises freedom for one night. This freedom can be achieved in a story in which the customer is the hero or heroine. They enter the story as themsleves, but come out of it transformed; at least that’s the risk. Complicated, isn’t it? Basically the main focus is on a love affair between two women. One of them is married, another is the writer Ali. Can their love last? Can the married woman break her ties and start on a blank page? Reaching out for the loved one in the cyberspace, hoping that she would read the love stories and come back … This is it. I’m not quite sure whether I understood everything, but it was a good read indeed. Witty dialogue. Some erotics. That special something that kept my mind awake – cannot read this book with a closed mind, must be actively thinking and living together with the book!


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